Groupon Featuring PAWS NY January 5th through 7th!

We are so pleased to announce a partnership with Groupon here in NYC.  Through this partnership, Groupon subscribers will be encouraged to make an $11 donation to PAWS NY.  In order for the donations to be processed, we need to raise at least $500 by this Friday.

We need your help! Please consider making a small but important $11 donation to PAWS NY through the Groupon promotion to help us reach our goal, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  This is an amazing opportunity and we thank you for being a part of its success. When you receive your Groupon email or go to the Groupon homepage, the PAWS NY information will be in the sponsorship section on the bottom left of the page.  Please click here to see the PAWS NY Groupon deal!

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