Helping People by Helping Pets

Pets provide us with companionship, unconditional love and they combat loneliness. Help protect this relationship each and every day for those facing challenges from advancing age, disability, or illness.

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Here's what the PAWS NY community has to say!

Oreo is my life and I'm so happy with the volunteers.  Before I couldn't walk Oreo and now he is happy and healthy. - Rosa


I like that I can spend time with both the pets and the owners. I feel like I'm building a connection with both and really making a difference in their lives."  - PAWS NY Volunteer


Without PAWS, my loves, Destiny and Lola, would be separated from me. I am so grateful for my angel volunteers."  - Grace


Our People

Volunteers provide incredible pet care services to our clients.

Our Pets and Clients

We've made many furry and human friends along the way!

Our Tails

In addition to all the walks, pets, and smiles, we've got great news to share about what we do!

Here's what our clients have to say

We love supporting our clients and their companions.  Smiles, purrs, and wagging tails are welcome!

My pet is vitally important to me
My pet improves my mood
PAWS volunteers have positively impacted my life

Out and About with our clients and volunteers

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We've got a lot of tails to share.

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