Marta Heflin Foundation Awards PAWS NY $10,000 Grant

The Marta Heflin Foundation provided PAWS NY with a generous $10,000 renewal grant for the organization’s Foster and Emergency Care Program.

The Foster and Emergency Care Program ensures that clients have access to pet care so they do not deny their own need for hospitalization or otherwise put their health at risk. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PAWS NY expanded this program to provide additional support to clients who are unable to care for their pets without services like PAWS visiting their homes on a regular basis.

During our most recent fiscal year, PAWS NY coordinated 28 foster care situations that were unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic and 11 specifically during the stay-at-home orders, for a total of 1,842 days of foster care. Thanks to ongoing support from the Marta Heflin Foundation, PAWS NY is able to provide food and supplies to each foster family, and coordinate veterinary care as needed.

We are grateful that the Marta Heflin Foundation understands the importance of this program. Thank you!

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