PAWS NY Pilots Take Off!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and donors who are funding our pilot programs (our “pilots”), we’ve been able to provide comprehensive, hands-on training to those who have volunteered to make home visits to PAWS NY clients. Volunteers attended training with PAWS NY founders and board members, plus feline behavioral expert Kerrie “Cat Sleuth” McKeon and dog trainer Mike Rueb. All volunteers were provided with a packet of materials to take home and were able to participate in a question-and-answer session. These volunteers are part of our Housecall program, where they will provide one-on-one service to clients and their pets. After our volunteers are screened and trained, they are added to our list of available home visit providers and matched up with clients on an as-needed basis. All volunteers are insured before visiting clients, and all clients are visited by PAWS NY for a consultation before volunteers are sent to their homes. If you are interested in getting involved, please become a PAWS Pilot by donating to PAWS NY or sign up to become a volunteer.

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