PAWS NY Receives $25,000 Grant from the Florence V. Burden Foundation

PAWS NY is thrilled to announce a new foundation partner: the Florence V. Burden Foundation, which has awarded the organization a $25,000 grant. This generous grant will support outer borough expansion as PAWS NY works to reach more clients, pets, and volunteers outside of Manhattan.

“In recent years, PAWS NY has been working to expand our services and reach New Yorkers in all five boroughs of the city,” said Rachel Herman, PAWS NY’s Founder and Executive Director. “Funds from the Florence V. Burden Foundation will allow us to continue this work and help ensure that our programs and services support a community that is representative of the entire city. We’re so grateful for this grant and this new foundation relationship.”

Thank you to the Florence V. Burden Foundation for your support!

A graphic image that says "Thank you to The Florence V. Burden Foundation" with a photo of a PAWS NY client, pet, and volunteer. The small PAWS NY logo in the bottom right corner.