PAWS NY Delivers 400 Pounds of Food to People and Pets in Need

March 26, 2016

Pet Pantry Care Packages

The Pet Pantry is one of the important programs here at PAWS NY, providing assistance to our clients in helping to offset the cost of pet food in their monthly budgets.

Thanks to a generous donation of nearly 400lbs of pet food from Fresh Direct along with the help of our wonderful volunteers, PAWS NY was able to schedule pet food deliveries with over thirty of our clients, helping a total of thirty-nine pets.

Kate S. one of the twenty volunteers who gave their time on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 carried 16lbs of pet food on the train delivering the pet care packages to two clients in Manhattan. One of Kate’s deliveries was with Linda C. who accepted food for her guide dog Trudy.  The responses from our clients regarding how much the pets loved the food and how grateful they are for all the help truly made this a rewarding experience for both the staff and volunteers of PAWS NY.

Photo Credit: Kate S.


Photo Credit: Kate S.

Photo Credit: Kate S.

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