September Pet-Friendly Events in NYC

A woman in a bright pink PAWS NY t-shirt wears a black hat and face mask and stands behind a table with a PAWS NY tablecloth and other giveaways on it. She's outdoors, at a street fair.

We can’t believe September is almost here! If you’re looking for fun pet-friendly events to attend this fall, check out some of the NYC-based events and activities below. Plus, you can always sign up for an upcoming Virtual Volunteer Orientation to get involved with PAWS NY this year too! Must Love Dogs and Comedy Boris…

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Drink Up this Advice for Pet Hydration Month

In honor of Pet Hydration Month, we wanted to share some tips and advice for keeping your pet(s) happy and healthy. Did you know that your pet’s body is made up of almost 80% water?! First and foremost, make sure to have fresh, clean water available for your pet(s) at all times. Keep an eye…

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How Owning a Pet Can Benefit Your Health

Here at PAWS NY, we honor the emotional, physical health, and social benefits of the human-animal bond, and we work so that a lack of ability never threatens to separate humans from their animal companions. For instance, check out some research and data below that backs up this important human-animal bond that is so physically…

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