The ASPCA Donates $25,000 to PAWS NY

The ASPCA, a long-time partner and funder of PAWS NY, has recognized the organization with a $25,000 grant. These unrestricted funds will allow PAWS NY to continue its important work across New York City, helping older adults and individuals living with illness or disability care for their pets.

“The ASPCA is an incredible partner of PAWS NY who has supported us financially and programmatically for many years,” said Rachel Herman, Founder and Executive Director of PAWS NY. “Without these critical contributions, PAWS NY would not have seen the same level of success over the years.”

Thanks to the ASPCA for your continued donations and support!

"Thank you to the ASPCA" with a photo of a black-and-white rat terrier dog who is part of the PAWS NY program.