Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Emily!

March 7, 2017: Meet PAWS NY volunteer, Emily Roy!

Volunteering With PAWS

  1. Your name: Emily Roy
  2. Who you help (Client & Pet): Buj and Jakejake-emily-roy
  3. Volunteer since: August, 2015
  4. A typical visit with your client and pet: Jake leads the way on our walk and we go where he wants, when he wants. After a quick stroll around the block, we head back to Buj’s apartment to chat while Jake enjoys hunting the apartment for frozen vegetables.
  5. A funny or cute moment with your client’s pet: Jake always has a great haircut and gets compliments by people in the building and on the street on his fluff and eye brows.
  6. Why do you volunteer with Paws NY? I love dogs, but being in NYC, it’s just not feasible for me to have a dog of my own. PAWS is the best of both worlds – I get to have dog time while creating a great friendship and making a difference in someone’s day.
  7. What would you like to tell any new volunteers joining PAWS NY? Create a friendship! Hanging with the pet is fun, but it’s my chats with the owner that make my week.

Pets at Home

  1. Pet’s Name(s)/ Age(s)/ Breed(s): Ellie, border collie mutt, 9 years old
  2. Tell us about your pet, how did you acquire him/her (rescue/adoption/breeder etc.) Ellie is my family pet and was adopted from a local shelter at home in 2008.
  3. If you adopted from a rescue group, which group did you adopt from? We would love to give them credit on finding such a wonderful home. Saratoga County Animal Shelter in Ballston Spa, NY
  4. What made you select your pet? We were hoping for a dog that didn’t shed, but when we saw Ellie’s face we couldn’t resist!
  5. What can you say about your relationship with your pet? What is the best thing about your bond? Ellie is the sweetest, most loving dog my family has ever had. I love going home to visit her.


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