The mission of Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) NY is to help New York City’s most vulnerable residents remain with their pets by delivering critical programs and services through a community of partners and volunteers. Our programs help keep pets in their homes while protecting and promoting the human-animal bond that is so physically and psychologically valuable to our clients.  Thus, our motto: helping people by helping pets.


At PAWS NY, we envision a society that honors the emotional, physical, and social benefits of the human-animal bond, where a lack of ability never threatens to separate humans from their animal companions, and where the physical, emotional and social benefits of the human-animal bond are incorporated into health care and social services.

Core Values

PAWS NY approaches all of its programs with a set of defining values that shape our policies and guide our actions.

  • Compassion – our organization is dedicated to assisting those most in need; we believe in promoting empathy, love, and a sense of family, for all our neighbors, human and animal alike
  • Community – our organization relies on our network of dedicated volunteers; we believe in creating long-lasting partnerships, where Service is as rewarding for those providing as those receiving
  • Integrity – our organization asks that its staff, Board and volunteers conduct themselves with honesty and fairness; we believe it is our responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest standards
  • Transparency – our organization strives for openness in all aspects of our operations; we believe clear and open communication engenders trust
  • Empowerment – our organization protects its clients’ independence; we believe everyone deserves encouragement, assurance, and respect
  • Leadership – our organization aims to be at the forefront of its field; we believe innovation leads to better services and greater advocacy
  • Accountability – our organization faithfully fulfills its duties of care, loyalty and obedience; we believe in reliability and efficiency for all our stakeholders


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PAWS NY Mission