Marathon Runner Spotlight: Bridget

Get to know Bridget in today’s Runner Spotlight! This will be Bridget’s fourth Marathon and her second TCS New York City Marathon, and we’re thrilled she is supporting PAWS NY! Living in Manhattan, Bridget loves to run in Central Park and along the Hudson River, plus she enjoys running while traveling, as a great way to see a city!

Additionally, Wilson, a 10-year-old yorkie-poo, is Bridget’s best furry friend and she is proud to support PAWS NY through the Marathon this year: “Our pets are such important sources of love and support, and I’m grateful that this organization exists to protect that for people who need it most.”

Read more about Bridget in her Q&A below. One fun fact? She has been a contestant on Jeopardy! 

Bridget Runner Spotlight

A woman sits at an outdoor table in a grey hoodie with a race medal around her next, holding a small Yorkie-poo dog, also in a grey hoodie.
Bridget after a previous race

Why did you decide to run the Marathon? Have you participated in long races in the past?

This will be my fourth marathon, and my second NYC Marathon. There’s nothing else like it in the world! All of NYC is one big block party on Marathon Day, and being able to take in the whole city on foot is something most people don’t get to do. The hospitality and kindness shown to runners by NYC’s neighborhoods that day is truly inspiring. I’d run it every year if I could! 

What is your connection to PAWS NY? Why is this cause important to you?

I’ve followed PAWS NY on Instagram for some time now and I really appreciate the way it fills a very specific need, and affords people who are ill or hospitalized some peace of mind that their pet is loved and cared for. Our pets are such important sources of love and support, and I’m grateful that this organization exists to protect that for people who need it most. 

Do you have any pets of your own? Did you grow up with pets?

We didn’t have pets growing up and I never thought of myself as a pet or dog person, so I was initially quite reluctant when my husband lobbied to get a dog. But Wilson, our ten-year-old yorkie-poo, and I have been pretty much inseparable since the day we brought him home—he’s my best furry friend. His sweet and calming presence takes the edge off a bad day, and his wagging tail brings infectious joy to most everyone he meets. 

Bridget's dog Wilson

A close-up shot of a light brown Yorkie-poo dog with his tongue out.
Bridget’s Pup Wilson

How long have you been running? What are some of your favorite places to run?

I’ve been running long distances for about eight years. I love running in Central Park and along the Hudson River, and as a frequent traveler (in the beforetimes, anyway) I love the fact that you can run most anywhere you go; it has been a wonderful way to see the world’s cities! 

What do you do in your free time (besides run)?

I love to cook and eat, which is also great running motivation! Wilson and I hit up a few of the farmers’ markets around our neighborhood almost every week and can often be found picnicking in Central Park or checking out the Upper West Side’s outdoor dining scene. 

Bright & Wilson - A woman in a striped top with a bob haircut and sunglasses sits outside at a restaurant, with her dog peeking over her arm at the food on the table.
Bridget and Wilson

Share 2-3 fun facts about yourself! What should we know?

I grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan, and in addition to being a runner I love trivia games and am a one-time Jeopardy! Contestant. 

Thanks for your support and dedication, Bridget! We can’t wait to cheer you on this November! Donate to Bridget and the rest of Team PAWS NY here.