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PAWS NY services are designed to help our clients overcome the physical and financial limitations they face caring for their animal companions.  If you are a senior or someone with an illness or disability, and you are struggling with the day to day care of your pet, then PAWS NY might be able to assist.  Please note our focus is on physical assistance, and we are unable to provide financial assistance.

Housecall Program: This is our core program through which PAWS NY volunteers provide on-site home visits to our clients. Visits generally include: dog walking, litter maintenance, medication administration, and provision of food and water.  Other services may be provided to existing clients who are already receiving the aforementioned services.

Client Eligibility: In order to qualify for services, individuals must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be in need of on-going Housecall Services as outlined above
  • Be a New York City resident
  • Be a senior citizen (60+), or individual suffering from a temporary or permanent disability or illness
  • Have an impaired ability to provide day-to-day care for your pet(s)
  • Have a maximum gross monthly income of no more than $1,850
  • Limit of 4 pets per household

*Please note that PAWS NY focuses on in-home care for clients who are living at home and are in need of on-going assistance.

Services We Do Not Provide:

  • Assistance when individuals are hospitalized if they are not existing Housecall clients
  • Adoption/Placement services
  • Spay/Neuter services
  • Temporary boarding for pets not in our Housecall Program (foster only provided in cases where an on-going client is facing a medical emergency
  • Veterinary care for pets not in our Housecall Program

Becoming a Client: If you are interested in becoming a client, or if you would like to refer someone to our Housecall Program, please contact us by email at or by phone at (212) 203 – 4760, Ext. 302.