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Adoption Updates: Midnight, Inky & Joy, and Gizmo

In recent months, we’ve been looking to find fur-ever homes for a few of our PAWS NY pets, including senior chihuahua Midnight, a bonded pair of black cats named Inky & Joy, and adorable shih tzu Gizmo. In honor of National Pet Week, we wanted to share all of the happy adoption updates about these pets – check it out!



This senior chihuahua entered our program in October 2019, but sadly, in January 2020, his guardian passed away. PAWS NY coordinated foster care while we tried to find the perfect home for Midnight to live out his golden years.  

In the end, Midnight spent a total of 197 days in foster care, transferring from volunteer to volunteer a few times. PAWS NY was able to provide him with basic veterinary care, but one of his fosters paid for Midnight to get badly needed dental care worth over $1,000, an incredibly generous gift!  

We’re now happy to share that one of Midnight’s foster moms decided that he should join her family permanently and finalized the adoption last month. Midnight will spend his time basking in the sun in the backyard and shadowing his foster mom’s grandmother everywhere she goes. What a happy ending!

Inky & Joy

Inky with his new siblings
Joy relaxing in her new home

You may remember that earlier this year, we were looking for a fur-ever home for Inky and Joy, a bonded pair of black cats, after their guardian passed away. 

Ashley, one of their weekly volunteers, had been helping their guardian care for Inky and Joy since 2016 and immediately stepped in to foster both kitties. While fostering and giving both cats the time they needed to adjust to a new situation, Ashley saw how well they fit into her existing cat pack as the weeks went on. 

We’re thrilled to tell you that Ashley officially adopted Inky and Joy and they have been bonding with their new siblings over paper bags, naps, and lots of stretching. Thanks for everyone who helped spread the word about these two and congrats on their fur-ever home.


Gizmo in his new home

This adoption update keeps it all in the family! 

Last month, one of our clients needed to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully one of her volunteers, Roberta, was able to foster her adorable senior Shih tzu, Gizmo. Sadly, Gizmo’s guardian passed away, but his amazing foster continued to take the best care of him while PAWS worked to get in touch with a family member. After many phone calls, we were able to track down our client’s sister who had been so worried about what had happened to little Gizmo. She was overjoyed to connect with us and bring Gizmo into her home!

The re-homing was made even sweeter thanks to Bella, another pup in her home who also happens to be one of Gizmo’s littermates! The siblings immediately re-connected and are now inseparable, with Bella keeping an eye on Gizmo and showing him the ropes. Having Gizmo has helped the family so much during this immensely difficult time. For added cuteness, there’s also Crunchie, a female pit bull puppy who is excited to have another friend join the crew! 

Thank you again to Roberta for providing a loving intermediary home. We wish this family all the best!

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