PAWS NY Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want to highlight some of the amazing volunteers who help PAWS NY strive toward its mission every day. First up: Stephanie!

PAWS NY volunteer Stephanie

How did you hear about PAWS NY?

My best friend told me about it because she knew I loved dogs and helping the elderly.

Why are you passionate about PAWS and our mission of helping people by helping pets? 

I understand how important a pet is as a companion, and I could never imagine having to surrender my own because of illness or disability.

Do you have pets of your own? Or have you in the past? Tell us about them!

I do not have any pets in NYC, but I’ve grown up with dogs and I got my parents a new puppy over the holidays!

How long have you been a volunteer with PAWS? 

Just over 3 years!

What do you do during your volunteer shift? Which clients & pets do you help? What do you do with the pets during your shift?

I walk Tappy & Angelina for Zerline every Thursday! We usually take a big lap around the 23rd Street area and enjoy meeting many other pups along the way.

What is your favorite part about volunteering? Do you have any favorite memories?

Tappy & Angelina can always hear me walking down the hall when I get off the elevator and they start barking before I even reach the door! Many memories to share, but a lot of them involve trying to remove street pizza out of their mouths!

Where are you from? Where in the city do you live now?

I’m from North Carolina and I live in Chelsea now.

What do you like to do in your spare time (besides volunteering with PAWS NY)?

Work out, go to museums and art galleries, volunteer at St. Joe’s soup kitchen.

Share 1-3 fun facts about yourself!

I love baking (especially anything with chocolate), I travel as often as I can, and I love going to concerts with my dad.

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Interested in volunteering with PAWS NY?
We are looking into developing virtual orientations so that we can continue to train volunteers during this difficult time. If interested, please sign up for a regular Volunteer Orientation and we will be in touch with more information when we have it.